Cookies policy

Cookies policy

Cookies are small text documents. They are usually stored in the device until the end of web surfing session, in some instances longer. When a user visits the webpage a cookie or cookies is/are sent from it to the device of the user.

Cookies are used:

  • in order to ease web surfing and improve the quality of services provided, f. ex. save the user parameters;
  • carry out analysis for marketing purposes.

Use of cookies and other tools for marketing website uses services from third parties which help monitor website traffic statistics, receive information about advertisement campaign conversions and other. does not use these services and tools for information gathering of specific users – only the general statistic data is used regarding the traffic of the website and the marketing efficiency of it and marketing campaigns. Presented below is the list of third party services provided to the website as well as links to privacy policies of those services.

“Google Analytics” – “Google Inc.” (“Google”) website analysis tool

“Google Analytics” – a free “Google” website analysis tool which allows website owners to see how their visitors use the website. Information is gathered anonymously. While tracing the actions of users in a website “Google Analytics” use their own cookies. It provides information about whether the user visited the website previously, from which websites they arrived and how much time they spent there. uses “Google Analytics” repeat marketing function

“Google Analytics” repeat marketing function allows repeat communication with users who visited the website before through tailored advertisements on “Google” partner websites. For example, a user having visited website who decided not to use any offers could see “AdWords” advertisement banners in other webpages where other, better offers will be showcased from the website. Furthermore, website, for the advertising of “AdWord”, the system chooses other targeted audiences according to their individual interests, age and place of residence.

The user can always disable “Google” cookies. They only need to visit the cookie disabling website.

If the user wants to change or disable “Google Analytics” functions can also use:

  • “Google” advertisement priority manager;
  • “Google Analytics” blocking system.

You can find the description and documentation of “Google” marketing services here ».

“Google” privacy policy is provided here ».

Personal information

Your personal information, to which an e-mail is also attributed to, cannot be transferred to third parties, companies associated with them, and marketing companies. Our company, with Your consent, can only use this information in relation to marketing.

Changes to the cookie policy

The cookie policy can change. All changes in this document will be published on this page.

If any further questions arise or if there are any doubts regarding the cookie policy, the user can submit a query to the company administration through this e-mail